Privatization rate in Sverdlovsk Region slows down

20 March 2007 (07:44)

55,500 dwellings with the total area of 2,718,900 square meters were privatized in Sverdlovsk Region last year, with their share in the total number of places liable to privatization amounting to 9.5%. The local population privatized 1,083,700 dwellings (or 67.1% of all the homes in the region) since the process was made legal. The privatization rate, though, went down 13.7% vs. a year earlier, the regional statisticians report.

The area of an average privatized apartment comes to 49.7 square meters; that of an average room to 17.7 square meters. Some dwellings come to be de-privatized; this figure came to 52 apartments in 2006, which is 29.7% less than a year earlier. The local government also keeps selling unoccupied municipal apartments: 104 new homes with the total area of 4,700 square meters were sold in 2006 vs. 151 homes with total area of 7,100 square meters a year earlier.

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