Severnaya Kazna explains recent share redistribution via corporate website

16 March 2007 (07:50)

Severnaya Kazna, one of the local banks, explained the idea behind the recent redistribution of shares among the company’s shareholders via the corporate website. (Members of the Board of Directors Pavel Chernavin and Rais Garifulin, the bank’s second largest and fourth largest shareholders respectively, have recently sold their 19% and 5% share holdings).

The company’s online forum placed a notice on the changes in the shareholder structure signed by Chairman Andrei Volchik. Mr. Volchik observes that these changes have to do with the differing interests of the bank’s major shareholders, that is, Vladimir Frolov and Pavel Chernavin.

This is actually the first time for the Ural financial market to be informed about changes in the company that can influence the price of the stock via an online forum rather than a press release or an official statement.

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