Domestic flights check-in routines to slow down owing to overhaul given to two check-in zones in Koltsovo airport

15 March 2007 (13:50)

Owing to the upcoming overhaul of check-in zones 1 and 2 of Koltsovo airport used for domestic flights, they will be closed down on March 15, 2007. The decision was taken by the airport management because of the order of Yekaterinburg State Fire Surveillance Department regarding the need for the immediate closing down of these zones. All the flights that used to be serviced there will now have to use the remaining four sections, reports the airport’s press officer.

The Fire Surveillance Department had been examining the premises of the airport in terms of compliance with the fire safety requirements for four days (March 5-9, 2007) when it found some ‘grave violations of fire safety norms and requirements in the areas meant for large numbers of people and in the so-called sterile area, which makes these areas fire-prone and could lead to fatal accidents. This is why we demand that these sections of the airport be closed down at once and all the violations eliminated.’ According to the airport’s press release, they have to bring everything back to proper order by April 30, 2007. ‘The overhaul given to these areas of the airport will probably make the check-in routines slower as far as domestic flights are concerned; this is especially true of rush-hour flights that are performed using large airplanes (for example, IL 86) and of some newly introduced flights of some carriers. The airport is expected to resume normal operation mode in the summer,’ the press release says.

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