509 complaints regarding insurers placed with Federal Surveillance Agency in Ural Federal District in 2006

13 March 2007 (08:06)

‘509 complaints regarding insurers of Ural Federal District were placed with the local division of Federal Surveillance Agency in 2006. 82% of all complaints are related to obligatory car insurance and, as a matter of fact, we get the same kinds of complaints every year. To start with, most insurance companies fail to pay the money on time (that is, within fifteen days). They also tend to pay less and question the damage assessment. One way to handle this problem is to have one’s car serviced at a particular garage that has a special agreement with the insurer rather than take money,’ says Vladimir Ostrovskiy, Head of Federal Surveillance Agency in Ural Federal District.

‘Quite a few customers are dissatisfied with the quality of companies’ performance. This can be improved through employee training schemes. Ural State Economic University, for example, is introducing a new chair for insurance experts this year,’ Mr. Ostrovskiy said.

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