Britain has a lot of experience in industrial site restoration, reports David Howell of British Expertise

7 March 2007 (12:56)

Minister for International and Foreign Economic Relations of Sverdlovsk Region Viktor Koksharov held a meeting with some British builders, reports the spokesperson for the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region.

British architects, developers, legal and consulting experts arrived in Yekaterinburg to conduct a workshop devoted to multi-faceted town planning and development.

Mr. Koksharov presented a report on the state of events in the city, saying that over 1,280,000 square meters of dwellings were commissioned last year, with the builders’ total turnover coming to over 56 billion RUR. He said the region had a lot of promising projects in the fields of both housing and commercial estate. Still, the Minister believes the region needs more building materials such as cement, glass, and insulation stuffs, and this is where the British technologies and expertise will come in handy.

David Howell of British Expertise observed that Britain had a lot of experience in the field of industrial site restoration; for instance, the Birmingham urban rehabilitation and transport control program has become globally famous.

Mr. Koksharov said he hoped for fruitful cooperation in the future and wished the workshop attendants good luck and fun.

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