Federal Insurance Surveillance Agency annuls license of Yekaterinburg-based Farn

27 February 2007 (14:48)

Federal Insurance Surveillance Agency annulled licenses of five insurers (Moscow-based Alfa Insurance Ltd., license С № 3960 77, registration No. 3960; Bask-Plus Insurance Company Ltd. based in Belovo, Kemerov Region, license 3520D, registration No. 3234; RAU-Garant Insurance Company based in Arkhangelsk, license 3935D, registration No. 1491; Rostok-MSK Medical Insurance Company Ltd. based in Irkutsk, license С № 2544, and Yekaterinburg-based Farn, license 3980D, registration No. 3653) and suspended the license of one insurance company (RiskMedia Management Insurance Company Ltd.. (license 4497D) that was given 30 days to eliminate the recently revealed violations). These decisions have been supported by the decrees No. 166 and 168 issued on February 16, 2007, reports the Insurance News Agency.

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