City council to lay damages occasioned by bridge failure in Yekaterinburg at UralHyproTrans

26 February 2007 (15:24)

‘The city council is going to lay damages occasioned by the failure of the bridge across Vostochnaya St. in Yekaterinburg last year at UralHyproTrans since these were the experts from this company who designed the project,’ Konstantin Pudov, the spokesperson for the council, said to UrBC.

‘Their fault is not to be doubted, there was definitely a mistake in the project, and it was this mistake that caused the accident. This is why UralHyproTrans will have to either recoup us for the loss incurred, or undergo civil suit. We do hope, though, that the company will agree to the out-of-court settlement and will pay us 23 million RUR,’ Mr. Pudov said.

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