JACDEC says Ural Airlines is one of the safest air carriers

21 February 2007 (15:22)

According to AviaPort.Ru, JACDEC (Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre) has recently published its Top 50 safest air carriers rating. This rating was compiled with the help of a special method that takes into account the number of crashes a carrier has had, the total passenger traffic, and for how long the airline has been operating.

JACDEC’s database includes sixteen Russian carriers, and Ural Airlines got on the list of the safest ones: its rating comes to zero and it has had no casualties so far. As for the other Russian airlines, Pulkovo Airlines got a zero rating (and 184 victims), S7 Airlines received the rating of 3.27 (and 250 victims), Vladivostok Avia has no rating, and the number of crash victims comes to 145.

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