1,229,000 tons of pollutants dumped in Sverdlovsk Region’s atmosphere in 2006

21 February 2007 (15:28)

A press conference devoted to the performance of the State Environmental Surveillance division in Sverdlovsk Region and of the regional division of Rostechnadzor (the state environmental watchdog) was held on February 20, 2007. The event was attended by Nikolai Krupinin, Deputy Head of Rostechnadzor in Ural Federal District.

1,229,000 tons of pollutants were dumped in Sverdlovsk Region’s atmosphere last year, of which 43.7% were released by the local metallurgical enterprises, and 35% were emitted by the fuel and energy complex.

‘Ferrous metallurgical companies are responsible for the lion’s share of all the harmful atmospheric emissions,’ Mr. Krupinin says.

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