SKB-Bank’s easternmost office operates in Tobolsk for over a month, reports director Maxim Ershov

6 February 2007 (08:48)

SKB-Bank’s easternmost office (located at 53a Microrayon 6) has been successfully operating in Tobolsk, Tyumen Region, for over a month. The office caters for both businesses and individuals.

‘Our loan offers appear to enjoy the greatest demand among Siberian people, as we are getting more and more new borrowers every day; this pertains to both express crediting schemes and the classic consumer loan known as Loan for a Friend. The micro-loan and mini-loans are also popular with the small and medium-scale businesses. The entrepreneurs of Tobolsk are beginning to understand the appeal of our loan policies; I’m positive we are to keep attracting more clients,’ says director of the bank’s Tyumen branch Maxim Ershov.

SKB-Bank owns offices scattered throughout the country from the Azov Sea to Siberia and amounting to fifty-five outlets altogether, reports the bank’s press officer.

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