Sredneuralsky Copper Smelting Plant becomes Revdinsky district’s top air polluter

19 January 2007 (13:49)

The report on the state of the environment and the way environmental factors affect the health of Sverdlovsk Region population indicates that Sredneuralsky Copper Smelting Plant (part of Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC)) is the top air polluter in Revdinsky district, Sverdlovsk Region. Its share in the total amount of harmful emissions released in the air comes to 93.2%.

Revdinsky district-based enterprises that emit waste gas without recycling it first have already dumped 18,728 tons of pollutants, with 347,999 tons received by the dust- and gas-cleaning installations, of which 337,041 tons were recovered and neutralized. Only 14.1% of the emission points have gas-purifying facilities.

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