Environmental offenses at Pervouralsky Novotrubny Works have to do with inaccurate records management

15 January 2007 (15:42)

A scheduled comprehensive inspection of all the facilities of Pervouralsky Novotrubny Works was conducted by Rostehnadzor, Russia’s state environmental watchdog, in February 2006. Compliance with the environmental norms and requirements was one of the categories under examination.

As a result, Rostehnadzor issued 16 orders regarding inaccurate records management. No violations in terms of increased air or water pollution, or dumping waste were found, reports the spokesperson for CHTPZ Group (Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant Group).

18 violations of the environmental legislation requirements were found at the plant, and 3 reports on administrative offense were issued, with 9,000 RUR worth of fines to be paid. All the violations have been eliminated by now, with the corresponding documents placed with the Ural division of Rostehnadzor.

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