Expenses caused by fire at Reftinskaya power station to decrease profitability of each share of OGK-5

26 December 2006 (12:40)

‘The expenses occasioned by having to rectify the damage done to Reftinskaya power station by the fire will decrease the profitability of each share of OGK-5 (the heat and power supplier). Given the impressive share of this station in the total capacity of the company, the share price may drop by 4%. Moreover, this can affect the prices of other regional companies, for example, SverdlovEnergo,’ says General Director of Blagodat Securities Vsevolod Chaschin.

The recent fire resulted in having to shut down two power generating units with the total capacity of 1,000 megawatts, which decreased the average capacity of the station by 27%. The station provides for 40% of the company’s capacity.

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