Ural Civil Aviation Plant undergoes ‘author watch’ inspections by Klimov Plant Unitary Enterprise

15 December 2006 (13:42)

Ural Civil Aviation Plant is now undergoing the ‘author watch’ inspections carried out by Klimov Plant Unitary Enterprise. The latter has intellectual property rights over some of the goods produced by Ural Civil Aviation Plant, so it carries out some inspections on regular basis. Until quite recently, the owner of the rights had no complaints about the quality of the produce. After the beginning of the so-called raiding campaign, however, everything has changed: some unknown people have been producing negative publicity related to the plant and trying to take over the company; at the same time, Klimov Plant Unitary Enterprise started presenting some unjustified claims. The latest inspection was supposed to help settle the dispute, yet, according to the representatives of Ural Civil Aviation Plant, this can end up in a stalemate.

‘The inspectors are apparently trying to find some serious faults with us and produces some ungrounded criticism. This position is actually far from being constructive. To make this procedure more impartial, we had to use some independent experts from Moscow. It’s early times yet to speak of the results of the committee’s work, as well as of how objective its report will be, since the inspection is still going on,’ the company’s spokesperson said to UrBC representative.

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