Yekaterinburg’s profits in 2006 exceed target figures by 3.009bn RUR

15 December 2006 (13:44)

The profits of the city of Yekaterinburg exceeded the target figure for 2006 by 3.009bn RUR. According to the Head of Finance and Budget Department of the Council Andrei Koryukov, the main reason for this was effective collection of tax from natural persons, which, in its turn, was caused by increases in salaries and their becoming official rather than otherwise. They also got more money from the single temporary income tax and the land-tax. Investments from the federal and regional budgets (including those intended for top-priority national projects) became another important factor.

This unplanned profit resulted in the municipal Duma deputies’ decision to increase the planned expenses for 2006 by 2.8bn RUR. The money is to be spent on socially important projects such as slum clearance, safety, repairing nursery schools and hospitals, and developing the local healthcare system.

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