KH Steel sells .93% of its Evraz Group shares

14 December 2006 (14:56)

KH Steel of Cyprus (one of the major shareholders and a subsidiary of Evraz Group) sold its .9301% share holding (1,091,978 shares); the amount of transaction comes to $80.358661m, reports

Evraz Group offered a 8.3% share holding worth $422m (29.1m GDR worth $14.5 each) at London Stock Exchange at the beginning of June 2005. Deutsche Bank and Renaissance Capital offered a 6% holding of Evraz Group shares at the end of January 2006 (the amount of the transaction came to $389m). Prior to this, 91.7% of Evraz Group shares used to belong to Crosland Global Ltd.Alexander Abramov had 59.11% of shares trhough Crosland, A. Frolov had 28.2% of shares, V. Khoroshkovskiy had a 2% holding. The latter sold a .9343% share holding to KH Steel in the middle of June 2006.

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