If we stop getting produce of Panasonic, our sales will drop dramatically, claims Megalex Ltd.

12 December 2006 (14:52)

‘We have no complaints in terms of the quality of electric appliances and phones produced by Panasonic. Yet we are already experiencing some problems with the supply: our shop can now offer less than it used to, and the delivery has been delayed. If our dealers actually stop supplying the goods of this company altogether, our sales will drop dramatically, as Panasonic has a very large share of the market that is not going to be made up for by any other producers. No other company, for example, can offer so many private branch exchanges and the same value for the money,’ the spokesperson for Megalex Ltd. said to UrBC representative.

Russia’s largest retail chains dealing in consumer electronics (EuroSet, Svyaznoy, Eldorado, M.Video, TechnoSila, and Mir) came up with a statement accusing Panasonic of malpractices. These companies decided to stop selling goods by Panasonic in their stores.

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