Chairman of ITERA Oil and Gas Company Vladimir Makeev elected Chairman of Uralsevergaz CJSC

9 November 2006 (11:24)

A general shareholder meeting of Uralsevergaz (affiliated company of ITERA Oil and Gas Company) was held in Yekaterinburg. It resulted in electing the new Board of Directors, with Chairman of ITERA Vladimir Makeev becoming the Chairman of the new Board of Uralsevergaz, reports the company’s spokesperson.

The former Chairman Valeriy Otcherpov (Chairman of ITERA as well) was elected as recently as June 23, 2006, which is when the annual shareholder meeting was held in Uralsevergaz. Yet in July, Mr Otcherpov resigned from his position in ITERA and became Deputy Chairman of ITERA. Vladimir Makeev was appointed the General Director and Chairman of ITERA.

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