Local oil supplier reduces automotive fuel prices

‘The reduction of gasoline prices at the filling stations of YekaterinburgNefteProduct occurred on Tuesday, October 24. No. 80 now costs 15.5 RUR per litre (a .5 RUR drop), No. 92 costs 18.3 RUR (1.2 RUR drop), No. 98 comes to 20.9 RUR (a decrease of 1 RUR), No. 96 is sold at 19.5 RUR (a drop of 1 RUR). Diesel fuel is sold at 17.4 RUR (a drop of .6 RUR),’ the company’s Marketing Director Vladimir Drugov said to UrBC representative.

‘Cheaper gas was brought about by the decrease in oil prices and by the market opportunities at the moment; another factor is seasonal fluctuations affecting the customers’ buying behaviour,’ Mr Drugov said.

LUKOIL PermNefteProduct reduced its retail gas and diesel fuel prices on October 23, 2006. The decrease ranged from .5 RUR to 1 RUR for high-octane gas and amounted to .3 RUR for diesel fuel.

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