People place 80% more money with Sverdlovsk Gubernskiy Bank in October 2006 compared with beginning of year

The investments placed by the natural persons onto the deposits of Sverdlovsk Gubersnkiy Bank grew by over 80% in October 2006 compared with the beginning of the year. The amount of money in natural person accounts came to more than 2.2bn RUR on October 1, 2006 (compared with 1.19bn on January 1, 2006). This figure places Sverdlovsk Gubersnkiy Bank ahead of many other regional banks.

The bank’s Deposit and Payment System Administration reports that this growth has to do primarily with offering the clients the conditions they like; the range of deposits can satisfy the needs of very different groups of consumers. In addition, Sverdlovsk Gubersnkiy Bank holds regular lotteries among its clients; moreover, when a customer opens a bank account, they may get the bank’s card, a discount card or rent a safe free of charge.

Among the other things the bank has done for its clients is setting up more offices that work seven days a week. This year, the bank has introduced four new subsidiaries in Yekaterinburg and two offices in Sverdlovsk Region. Besides, the company has been successfully extending its ATM network (there are 68 of them altogether) as well as the range of operations one could perform using the bank’s card, reports the spokesperson for Sverdlovsk Gubersnkiy Bank.

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