Uralkaliy publishes financial report for first half of 2006

The company’s fixed assets have come to 22,995m RUR in the six months of 2006, with 19,232m being the permanent assets and 138m being the financial ones. The floating assets amounted to 9,128m RUR, of which 2,820m were inventory holdings and 5,037m were accounts receivable. Thus, the total assets of the regional potassium maker came to 32,123m RUR.

The company’s long-term liabilities come to 7,184m RUR, its short-term liabilities to 5,099m; with short-term loans amounting to 2,593m, bills payable to suppliers and contractors coming to 2,372m, and income tax debt coming to 43m RUR; the other types of tax debt amounted to 91m RUR.

The total liabilities of the company reached the point of 12,283m RUR.

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