Asha Metallurgical Works looks at results of its activity in eight months of 2006

7 September 2006 (11:58)

Asha Metallurgical Works JSC has produced 4,645,819,000 RUR worth of commodity goods throughout January to August 2006, which exceeds the figures for the eight months of 2005 by 5.1%. Its steel and rolled metal output came to 424,982 tons (3.9% better than in 2005) and 308,174 tons (an increase of 6.2%), respectively.

The works produced 47,250.96 kilograms of amorphous tape, which is 45% more than a year earlier, and 1,103,445 magnetic conductors, which exceeds the figures for the year 2005 by 14.5%, the company’s spokesperson said to UrBC representative.

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