Management of Ural Turbine Works and turbine motor makers trade union discuss efficiency of collective agreement

7 September 2006 (12:06)

Within the first half of 2006, the average pay of an employee of Ural Turbine Works CJSC (part of Renova) has gone up by over 5% (from 10,800 to 11,400 RUR).

Following the collective agreement, the works spent 2 million RUR on occupational safety, including 430,000 RUR spent on special foods. The enterprise invested over 1.8 million in clothing, shoes and personal protective equipment. Approximately 300,000 RUR were allotted to workers in the form of subsidies and 200,000 RUR were spent on summer holidays for the employees’ children. All these expenditures occasioned by the collective agreement became the agenda of the meeting of the company’s management with the representatives of the turbine motor makers trade union.

The trade union came to the conclusion that the works was handling all the personnel proposals successfully during the preliminary negotiations and via making corresponding amendments and provisions to the agreement, so there were actually no individual or group clashes at the plant. One of the recent amendments has to do with the young expert status: prior to the amendment, the only people classed as young experts were those employed and working on the basis of their original qualification; now someone who has undergone retraining can be seen as a young expert as well, reports the spokesperson for Ural Turbine Works.

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