Uraltrac Ltd. assesses its success in August 2006

6 September 2006 (09:52)

In August 2006, Uraltrac Ltd. produced 542.99m RUR worth of commodity goods, which amounts to 98.6% of the target figures.

Within the past month, the company produced 189 engineer vehicles worth 355.8m RUR including 25 tractors, 10 pipe-laying cranes, and 154 ripper-dozer units. The total shipments came to 662.61m RUR in money terms (94.4% of the target figures). The company sold 185 engineer vehicles worth 410.981m RUR, including 173 tractors and T-10-based units and 10 ripper-dozer units. The information was reported to UrBC representative by Uraltrac PR-department.

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