Board of Directors of RAO UES of Russia approves of additional share issue of TGK-9

1 September 2006 (12:52)

Following the decision of Board of Directors of RAO UES of Russia made on June 23, 2006, the company’s executives compiled the list of additional share issue projects targeted at attracting more money into heat generation development. Thus, financing obtained through issuing shares of TGK-9, the heat and power generating company, will be used to renovate the power generating facilities in Sverdlovsk and Perm Regions. The share of RAO UES of Russia in the authorized capital of TGK-9 (given the recent merger with Regional Generating Company of Komi JSC) should come to at least 25% plus 1 share after the additional issue.

The representatives of RAO UES of Russia were asked to facilitate the making of corresponding decisions; the Board has also decided to discuss the volume of the additional share issue at its next meeting.

The Board approved of the typical decision-making procedure applied when floating additional stock; yet allowed the company to take into account its unique characteristics. This procedure determines the competence of the Board and management of RAO UES of Russia and of the Board of Directors and AGMs of the power generating companies. Maximal floating flexibility is generally seen as the top-priority criterion.

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