Sergey Moiseev elected Chairman of Zinc Plant of Chelyabinsk

23 August 2006 (12:28)

The Board of Directors of Zinc Plant of Chelyabinsk elected Sergey Moiseev Chairman in the course of their last meeting. Says former Chairman Alexander Fedorov: ‘I am positive that this decision will promote further growth of the Board’s efficiency, although the Board Members are already highly professional and competent, which can be proved by the company’s success. Mr Moiseev has been part of our Board since 2004, and he knows all the aspects of its activity very closely; he is also fully aware of the current trends in our industrial field. Mr Moiseev is very well educated; he received his MBA in an American college and is now an experienced manager with great strategic vision.’ Mr Fedorov, who has been regularly reelected since 2003, explained that he was going to remain the Member of the Board.

Mr Moiseev thanked the Board for their choice and said that he considered the further development of vertical integration strategy aimed at providing the company with their own raw stuffs to be his top priority. Thus, the company is going to acquire the current producers of zinc concentrate and work on the new deposits located in the vicinity of the plant. Another major challenge lies in raising the plant’s production output up to 200,000 tons of zinc a year. This should be facilitated by a number of investment projects, namely, launching No. 5 rotary-kiln in 2007 and No. 4 sulfuric acid shop system in 2008, the spokesperson for the plant’s managing company ARKLEY CAPITAL Anna Levitanskaya said to UrBC representative.

Sergey Moiseev was born in Moscow in 1970. He graduated from the Russian State Finance Academy in 1992 and received his MBA in Bryant College, Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA. He had been working for a number of American investment companies throughout 1995 to 2000. He then spent two years in the capacity of Managing Director of Vienna-based RS Financial and another three years as Deputy General Director of CHTPZ Group CJSC, the managing company of Chelyabinsk Tube-Rolling Plant and Pervouralsk Tube Works. Since 2005, Mr Moiseev has been employed in the capacity of Managing Director of ARKLEY CAPITAL Ltd., Moscow subsidiary of ARKLEY CAPITAL S.а.r.l. of Luxembourg.

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