Household deposits at Sverdlovsky Gubernsky Bank CJSC insured up to 190,000 RUR

15 August 2006 (12:52)

Since Sverdlovsky Gubernsky Bank CJSC is a member of the Russian State Deposit Insurance System, the funds of its depositors are now insured up to 190,000 RUR.

The new insurance payout conditions are due to the changes of Clause 11 of Federal Law No. 177 dd. December 23, 2003 ‘On Insurance of Personal Deposits at the Banks of Russian Federation’ The changes are to come into effect on August 27, 2006. According to the law, ‘insurance compensation for a deposit in a bank subject to the insured accident, amounts to 100% of the person’s deposited money up to 100,000 RUR and up to 90% of the deposited money except the sum of 100,000 RUR, on the condition that the total amount of the insurance compensation does not exceed 190,000 RUR. If a person owns several deposits in the same bank and their total amount exceeds 190,000 RUR, then the insurance compensation is paid for each of them on a pro rata basis’ The information was reported by PR-department of Sverdlovsky Gubernsky Bank CJSC.

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