Federal Antimonopoly Service in Sverdlovsk Region dismisses case of Serovskaya Power Plant

27 July 2006 (10:22)

Federal Antimonopoly Service in Sverdlovsk Region dismissed the case initiated by the General Director of Vostok Ltd. concerning Servoskaya power plant today. The plant had allegedly violated the Russian antimonopoly legislation by refusing to supply heating and hot water to certain consumers even though it was actually capable of rendering those services. The other claims have to do with violations in pricing policies and ungrounded use of business tariff for Vostok Ltd. whereas the latter was entitled to private individual tariff. All this, claim the experts from Vostok Ltd., was restrictive practice that led to infringement of the company’s rights and limitation of competition on the housing services market. In the course of the hearing, the defendant agreed to the claims concerning their refusal to render their services and unfair prices, so the parties found a peaceful compromise and the case was dismissed.

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