Sverdlovsk Gubernskiy Bank celebrates 12th anniversary

24 July 2006 (10:20)

Sverdlovsk Gubernskiy Bank CJSC celebrated its 12th anniversary on July 18, 2006. The bank is put on the list of top-200 Russian banks, considering its net and quick assets, its owned capital, its balance sheet total, the loan portfolio and the deposit portfolio, and the bank’s profits. This is definitely one of the leading banks of Sverdlovsk Region as well.

The experts of Interfax CEA information agency named it the most dynamically developing bank in Sverdlovsk Region in 2005 and rated it 167th in terms of total assets (as opposed to being 267th in 2004) among 300 largest Russian banks (Interfax 100 ranking, March 2006).

According to the data as of July 1, 2006, the bank’s balance sheet total came to 7.91 billion RUR, owned capital to 830.25 million, the loan portfolio to 4.25 billion, the client base (including the settlement accounts, the loro accounts, the natural person accounts, the legal entities accounts, the promissory notes and so on) to 6.9 billion RUR.

The bank has recently introduced the new ABC-CFT automated banking system designed by the Center of Financial Technologies of Novosibirsk. It also became one of the first regional banks to start introducing the quality management system based on ISO-9000 international standards. Sverdlovsk Gubernskiy Bank managed to triple its ATM network and raise the number of their Visa, MasterCard, and UnionCard holders to 30,000 people.

The bank keeps developing its office network in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Region. There are 13 offices operating in the region now, 9 of them in Yekaterinburg, and two offices (one in Chelyabinsk and one in Tyumen) will be opened in the nearest future, reports the bank’s spokesperson.

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