Russian market of shares in decline

18 July 2006 (12:48)

Russian market of shares appears to be rather flattened at the moment. Most of the blue chips grew 1.3% to 3.9% cheaper at 12.30 PM Moscow time; RTS average went down by 1.3% and comprised 1,465.7 points, MICEX average decreased by 2.5% and reached 1,280.4 points.

The shares of RAO UES of Russia (RTS: EESR) went 1.6% cheaper at MICEX, the shares of LUKOIL (RTS: LKOH) went 2.3% cheaper, the shares of Rostelecom (RTS: RTKM) – 1.8%, the shares of SberBank of Russia (RTS: SBER) – 2.8%, the shares of Tatneft (RTS: TATN) – 1.3%, the shares of Norilsk Nickel (RTS: GMKN_ - 3.2%, the shares of SurgutNeftGas (RTS: SNGS) – 3.9%, the shares of Gazprom (RTS: GAZP) went 3.4% cheaper (as of 12.30 PM Moscow time). At the same time, the shares of MosEnergo (RTS: MSNG) and Gazprom Neft grew .2% more expensive, the shares of Polus Zolota rose by .3%.

The shares of Rosneft went seven cents (.9%) cheaper during the first day of the auction and reached the price of $7.48 per share.

The total trading volume at RTS Classic Market came to $7.2m within two hours; the stock turnover at Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) came to 7.6bn RUR.

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