Uraltrac Ltd. assesses its success in June 2006

11 July 2006 (11:52)

Uraltrac Ltd. produced 475,480,000 worth of goods in June 2006, which is 4.9% less than had been planned. The plant also produced 154 engineer vehicles worth 281,820,000 RUR, including 28 tractors, 13 pipelayers (which is 30% more than had been planned), and 113 ripper-dozer units (9.6% less than had been planned).

The plant shipped 605,890,000 RUR worth of goods (which means a 94.8% achievement of the plan) and sold 164 engineer vehicles worth 369,824,000 RUR, including 148 tractors and T-10-based units and 10 ripper-dozers, the company’s spokesperson said to UrBC representative.

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