Jurgen Schmidt, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Germany to Russia, to visit Urals on June 14-June 16, 2006

14 June 2006 (13:00)

Throughout June 14 to June 16, 2006, Walter Jurgen Schmidt, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Germany to Russia, is going to be visiting the Urals; the program of the stay includes meeting Russian President’s Plenipotentiary in Ural Federal District, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region, Chairpersons of the Legislative Chambers, and the Mayor of Yekaterinburg, and visiting Ural State University.

The Ambassador will be accompanied by the leading executives of industrial and consulting enterprises as well as by bankers and architects. The delegation is to visit Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the project exhibition in the architecture and industrial equipment museum, reports the spokesperson for the Sverdlovsk Region Ministry for International and Foreign economic relations.

Metallurgical Industrial Complex of Nizhniy Tagil successfully undergoes licensing for educational services in 435 specializations

Metallurgical Industrial Complex of Nizhniy Tagil JSС (part of Evraz Group) successfully underwent the licensing procedure enabling the company to render educational services in 435 specializations. The company received the official approval of the Sverdlovsk Region Ministry of General and Vocational Education examining body. According to their statement, the Complex meets all the requirements for being able to give its staff 435 kinds of qualifications.

‘No other regional enterprise can actually boast a larger number of vocational and professional training programs. Any Complex employee has an opportunity to improve his qualification or obtain new professional skills without setting foot outside the plant. This means not only vocational qualifications but also top management training. The company’s educational center has now fully proved its right to issue qualification diplomas to all the metallurgists that have undergone training,’ says the company’s spokesperson.

Every year, over 4,000 employees upgrade their qualification or get a second profession in the educational center. The educational license should be given to the Complex before the end of June and will be valid for the next five years.

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