Magnesite Integrated Complex implements project together with Maerz of Austria

8 June 2006 (12:52)

In May 2006, representatives of Maerz of Austria paid a business visit to Magnesite Integrated Complex, member of Magnesite Group.

During the visit, they discussed the terms of some contracts and the proffered set of engineering services with Magnesite executives. Another subject of discussion was a schedule of further cooperation within a new investments project concerning a proposed construction of vitrified clinkers production sector involving installation of a Maerz high temperature shaft furnace. The parties came up with a decision to carry out some experimental testing. A briquette produced by Magnesite Integrated Complex from the company’s own raw materials will be sent to Maerz to be burnt. According to Magnesite Group PR-department, when Magnesite Integrated Complex receives the burnt briquette, it will try a technology of producing ware of vitrified clinkers that will have to be tested at the thermal units of metallurgical productions.

‘The construction of vitrified clinkers production sector is expected to approximately double our raw materials efficiency, reduce production costs and to keep the top quality level of our production,’ indicated V. Ladikov, Chief Operating Officer of Magnesite Integrated Complex.

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