Utair to deliver heavy and bulky loads under contract with Airborne Energy Solutions Ltd of Canada

Utair Airline is to deliver heavy and bulky loads to places of oil and gas fields development under a yearly contract with Airborne Energy Solutions Ltd. of Canada. The contract provides for delivery of loads by Mi-26 helicopter, mainly as an external load.

‘Utair Mi-26 helicopter entered the North-American airspace for the first time yesterday in order to operate within Northwest Territories of Canada. The helicopter started from Tyumen and reached its destination within 6 days, flying over Eastern Siberia, Chukot Peninsula and Alaska. Now it is deployed at the town of Yellowknife and has already begun the contracted operations,’ reported the company’s PR-department on May 19, 2006.

The Utair fleet embraces over 170 helicopters including over 20 Mi-26. Mi-26 helicopters can deliver up to 20 tons of external and internal loads for the length of up to 800 km. The ferry range of Mi-26 comes to 1800 km of nonstop flight.

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