Bank Khlebniy JSC holds annual meeting

5 May 2006 (11:52)

According to the accounting report of Bank Khlebniy JSC presented in the course of the general shareholder meeting on April 20, 2006, the bank’s assets as of January 1, 2006 came to 75,903,000 RUR, which exceeds the sum for January 1, 2005 by 24.51%.

The net loan debt went up by 57.24% and reached the point of 40,589 RUR. The bank’s liabilities rose by 32.98% because of the funds obtained via People’s Bank of Kazakhstan, proprietor of Bank Khlebniy JSC. The bank’s loan portfolio rose by 1.6 times compared to the beginning of 2005 and amounted to 44,844,700 RUR.

Most of the loan portfolio (45.3%, which is 2.8 times bigger than a year earlier) comes from retail and wholesale traders; loans to natural persons made up 29.9% (an increase by 1.8 times). The amount of overdue loans went up by 2.7 times and constituted 10.4% of the loan portfolio.

The bank made 1,169,000 RUR in 2005; its authorized capital as of January 1, 2006 amounted to 7,834,000 RUR. Its equity basis went down by 700,000 RUR and amounted to 21,243,000 RUR at the beginning of the year. According to the company’s official statement, this was caused by including subordinated loans into the accounting scheme using their depreciated cost.

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