Reinforcement and insulator producer of Yuzhnouralsk resumes grinding bodies production

3 May 2006 (11:44)

Yuzhnouralsky Armaturno-Izolyatorny Zavod JSC (Reinforcement and insulator producer of Yuzhnouralsk) has resumed its grinding bodies production using advance payments of prospective buyers.

The amounts of sales and production has been determined until the end of year, with monthly deadlines. Porcelain works of Bugulma and Bogdanovitch should be the main buyers of uralite produced at the plant. The contracts have already been signed. Having shipped their orders, the porcelain insulator production management is going to take orders from other clients as well, as there are some applications already.

The first batch of uralite has already been shipped. The executives and specialists of the plant are currently working on decreasing the prime cost of the new product using various kinds of feedstock. In the meantime, they’re trying to raise the furace productivity by 20 to 30%, the company’s spokesperson said to UrBC representative.

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