Tender to be announced for Yekaterinburg airport construction in May 2006

In May 2006, Koltsovo airport of Yekaterinburg is going to announce a tender aimed at selecting the contractor to reconstruct the aerodrome. The tender procedure is to be carried out by Federal Air Transport Agency, and the state building owner is ZapSibaerostroyzakazchik of Novosibirsk.

According to Koltsovo spokesperson, the airport has placed an application with Federal Air Transport Agency to be given 7.5bn RUR in the years 2007-2009. The first portion of 140m RUR has already been allocated by the federal budget.

The leading project designers are PI Federal State Unitary Enterprise and LenAeroProject Research Institute of Saint Petersburg. The project provides for bringing the aerodrome in compliance with the Russian Aerodrome Operational Feasibility Standards and with the demands posed by the International Civil Aviation Organization in order to provide services to all existing kinds of Russian and foreign aircrafts. It also allows for the extension of the take-off and landing strip No.1 by 500 meters westwards, and of the take-off and landing strip No.2 by 800 meters, reinforcement of paving, upgrading the lighting, the radio equipment, and meteorological equipment as well as for moving up to ICAO category I+II.

Given that the aerodrome is on the list of Exclusive Property of Russian Federation list, investments will come from the federal budget within the Upgrading Russian Transport System Federal action program

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