Metallurgical plant of Zlatoust to receive 184 million RUR worth of investments in 2006

7 March 2006 (10:44)

Metallurgical plant of Zlatoust will receive 184 million RUR worth of investments from ESTAR Ltd. in 2006, the plant’s GD Alexander Rybkin announced at the meeting with Chelyabinsk Region Minister of Industry Evgeniy Teftelev.

The reconstruction project includes installation of new equipment, replacement and innovation of hoisting gears, environmental protection schemes. The acquisition of a bar wire mill is currently under consideration, and so is the offer made by Tanaka of Japan to deliver the mill with the capacity of 250 tons a year; it costs $ 28 million.

The next stage is to improve the steel-making production in terms of installing the new electric furnace steelmaking shop and the stove-baskets as well as continuous casting machines. The plant is also going to construct its own power-generating stations.

The investment project is going to increase the output up to 800,000 tons, and the final scheme is to be adopted by ESTAR within a day or two, the company’s spokesperson said to UrBC representative.

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