Metallurgical Industrial Complex of Nizhniy Tagil negotiates with German Fraunhofer Society for the advancement of applied research

7 March 2006 (10:58)

Managing Director of Nizhniy Tagil Metallurgical Industrial Complex (part of Evraz Group, Sverdlovsk Region) Alexei Kushnarev has negotiated with the representatives of Fraunhofer Society for the advancement of applied research, reports the spokesperson for Evraz Group. The Society deals in developing the non-destructive ways of production control and design and installment of control instrumentation. The Complex has been cooperating with the Fraunhofer Society for a few years; thus, the German executives delivered the ultrasound control line capable of testing a wheel according to 13 different criteria (determined by the Russian Railroad, the international and national standards, and American, German, and French specifications) within just one minute in 2004. The second such line is on the way.

‘I feel good about our cooperation with the Complex. The new wheel-testing line is the result of our concerted efforts, and I have been amazed by the employees’ professionalism. They’ve managed to master the new equipment within a really short time span, and I believe our future cooperation needs to be built up as it is bound to be mutually beneficial in terms of production control,’ said Director of Fraunhofer Institute of non-destructive ways of production control Professor Michael Krening.

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