Sevuralboksitruda JSC mines its 200,000,000th ton of bauxite ore

27 February 2006 (11:00)

The decennial jubilee of SUAL Group was celebrated on February 22, 2006 with the SUAL member Sevuralboksitruda JSC mining its 200,000,000th ton of bauxite ore. The celebration of the event took place at Kalyinskaya mine. It was attended by the regional government First Deputy Industry Minister Nikolai Tikhonov, SUAL Holding Ural Regional Vice-President Anatoly Sysoev, Sevuralboksitruda GD Viktor Rad’ko, Head of BAZ-SUAL Sibagatulla Aminov, top-management representatives of UAZ-SUAL, Director of Kalyinskaya mine Viktor Neustroev and the crew of Mikhail Novozhilov that mined the 200,000,000th bauxite ore ton for Sevuralboksitruda. A special guest of the celebration was Viktor Abakumov, who mined the 100,000,000th bauxite ore ton of Sevuralboksitruda in 1978. The 1,000,000th ton of bauxite ore at the mines of Sevuralboksitruda was extracted in 1941. Since then, the mines of Sevuralboksitruda had produced the feedstock for more than 40 million tons of aluminium.

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