Regional food enterprise raises meat prices by the average of 13% starting March 1

26 February 2006 (10:54)

According to the date presented by Sverdlovsk Region Energy Committee, Makovskiy food enterprise Ltd. will raise meat prices by the average of 13% starting March 1, 2006.

Tallinskaya smoked sausage, for example, will cost 134 RUR per kilo instead of the earlier 122 RUR, Krakovskaya kind will jump to 140 RUR from the previous 128 RUR, Lipetskaya variety will be sold at 116 RUR instead of 105 RUR, Doctorskaya boiled sausage will go up from 120 RUR to 135 RUR, Molochnaya variety will go up from 119 RUR to 134 RUR per kilo, Russkaya variety – from 120 to 135 RUR. As for the slightly more upmarket Ostanskinskiy and Michurinskiy sausage and gammon, they will cost 147 RUR (instead of 137) and 180 RUR (instead of 162 RUR), respectively. Molochniye frankfurters will go up from 94 to 106 RUR, pork ragout – from 68 RUR to 80 RUR, stew meat – from 30 to 38 RUR per kilo.

The increase in prices is motivated by the company’s greater expenses.

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