Natural gas supplier of Chelyabinsk starts pipelines in Beregovoy settlement

13 February 2006 (09:14)

According to the spokesperson for Chelyabinskgorgaz JSC Lyubov Kalenik, top-priority items of gas pipeline in Beregovoy settlement of Leninsky borough of Chelyabinsk have been put into operation. Specialists of Chelyabinskgorgaz connected gas control point and 900 meters of medium and low pressure gas conduits to Chelyabinsk main gas distribution network. Hence, gas is piped into four buildings in Yampolskaya and Tretya Kaluzhskaya Streets.

According to plans of Chelyabinskgorgaz, gasification of the east part of Beregovoy is to be completed within 2006 after pipelining more than 1,000 meters of gas distribution network, which will allow to pipe gas into 52 houses. The company’s expenses on these operations will come to 1,430,000 RUR.

At the moment, Chelyabinskgorgaz is engaged in designing and building pipelines in 14 settlements of Chelyabisk urban district. Chelyabinsk Region authorities are still in the process of approving the company’s pipelining schedule for 2006, though. According to the program, the total gasification expenses for the city cottage settlements come to 18 million RUR. These expenses are to be covered by a special extra charge added to gas tariffs for corporate consumers.

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