Gas supplier of Chelyabinsk assesses its success in meeting safety provisions in 2005

According to the company’s spokesperson, Chelyabisnkgorgas JSC assessed its success in providing for the company’s industrial safety.

The total amount of natural gas transmitted via local gas pipelines comprised 3.295 billion cubic meters in 2005. There were 4 accidents that were not, however, the company’s fault, and the problems were fixed promptly. Chelyabisnkgorgas JSC employees examined 187 kilometers of pipelines using special equipment, to make sure they were airtight, among other things. 38 insulation finish defects and 22 faulty shutdown devices were fixed and sacrificial anodes of 33 cathodic stations were given an overhaul.

The remote control system aimed at predicting and preventing breakdowns is currently being updated with the help of some newly bought primary detectors for the main gas control points worth 819,000 RUR.

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