Kalina Concern JSC nominee shareholders rebalance their stock capital

DCC Depository Clearing Company withdrew 19.66% of the shares it had of Kalina Concern JSC (thus going down from 13.19% to 32.85% of its piece of t he company’s pie). Three other nominee shareholders, namely, Deutsche Bank, ING Bank and Citibank increased their portion of corporate shares to the total of 73.38%, which is a 18.958% increase compared to the former 54.422%. According to the company’s spokesperson, Deutsche Bank now owns 8.992% of shares as opposed to the former 11.12%, ING possesses 51.78% compared to the former 36.85%, Citibank holds 10.48% compared to the former 8.58%.

Kalina’s assessed capital comes to 682, 662 000 RUR, with 9,752 311 emitted shares worth 70 RUR each. The company’s beneficial holder is GD Timur Goryaev.

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