Tube maker of Chelyabinsk assesses its success in 2005

18 January 2006 (10:54)

Chelyabinskiy Truboprokatniy Zavod (Chelyabinsk Tube Making Works) JSC had a sales record of 772700 tons of tubes in 2005 (which is 3% more than in 2004), 408600 tons (an increase of 5% compared to 2004) coming from large-diameter pipes and tubes.

The plant output comprised 782700 tons of tubes (an increase of 4% against the previous year’s figures) in 2005, with 407800 tons of tubes being large-diameter ones (which exceeds the figures for 2004 by 6%).

The plant shipped 71200 tons of goods in December (a 40% increase against the previous year’s corresponding period), 49,000 tons of tubes being large-diameter ones (an increase of 79% compared to December 2004).

The output for December reached a point of 72700 tons of tubes and pipes, which means a 41% growth compared to December 2004, with 48500 tons coming from large-diameter ones (an increase of 87% against December 2004).

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