NEYVA Bank: Assets Remain at RUB 8bn in 2019

26 December 2019 (09:04)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 26, 2019. NEYVA Bank carried a preliminary performance report for the year 2019. The bank’s press service informed UrBC that the bank’s assets were maintained at around RUB 8bn throughout the year, which helped promote the bank from No. 206 to No. 201 in the national bank rating.

‘The year 2019 proved a special one for the business, since NEYVA Bank celebrated a ten-year anniversary of the founding date this year. This was on the whole a successful year; we kept up with our general development strategy that focuses on sustainable and gradual improvement of all the primary financial performance indicators, introduction of new services, and modernization of existing ones without any drastic changes or engaging in high-risk projects,’ Chair of the Supervisory Board at NEYVA Bank Pavel Yefremov said in his comment.

NEYVA Bank concentrated on customer service improvements quite a bit in the year 2019. For one, the bank went through with a large-scale, technologically sophisticated project that is joining the Bank of Russia’s Faster Payments System (FPS). NEYVA Bank became the 26th FPS member bank on November 18, 2019.

What is more, NEYVA Bank expanded geographically this year, setting up a new branch in Rostov.

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