Sverdlovsk Region: Wage Arrears Up 2% in July

20 August 2019 (09:17)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 20, 2019. Sverdlovsk Region-based employers owed their workers RUB 20.1 in delayed pay as of August 1, 2019, which exceeded the figures for one month earlier by 2.1%, Rosstat reports.

In Russia on the whole, the arrears of wages amounted to RUB 2.7526bn in July, which was RUB 182.9m (7.1%) more than in June 2019.

Wages and salaries were owed to 42,500 workers (under 1% of the workforce in the segments involved in Rosstat’s research). 46% of these workers are employed in the processing industry, 17% in the construction sector, 12% in the fossil extraction sector, and 9% in the agricultural/hunting/forestry sector.

44.1% (RUB 1.2139bn) of the money owed to workers is the arrears stemming from the year 2019; 25.3% (RUB 697.4m) stem from the year 2018; and 30.6% (RUB 841.3m) stem from the year 2017 or earlier.

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