ChelPipe Group’s Training Course Alumni Take Oath of Enlistment

16 August 2019 (09:12)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 16, 2019. 30 alumni of ChelPipe Group’s Future of White-Coated Metallurgy Corporate Training Program who completed their studies at Pervouralsk Metallurgical School took their military oath this week; the ceremony took place in a military regiment in Gorny Shchit, the Group’s press service reports.

‘ChelPipe Group supports and supervises the regiments where our training course alumni are serving their army terms. Throughout the following twelve months, the new recruits will focus on their military skills and will also keep on investing in their personal and professional growth; they will also keep interacting with their training course mentors. I’m sure the army will make you more resilient and will help you shape the leadership skills necessary for a successful white-coated metallurgist’s career,’ said Managing Director at ChelPipe Group’s Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant Alexei Dronov.

Head of the Group’s Future of White-Coated Metallurgy Program Implementation Department Alexei Smirnov said every alumnus would be guaranteed employment at ChelPipe Group’s plants once their army term is over.

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