Sverdlovsk Region: Number of Mortgages Down 8% in January-March

7 May 2019 (09:03)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, May 7, 2019. 9,549 mortgage loans got issued in Sverdlovsk Region in January-March 2019 (total amount: RUB 19.159 billion), the Bank of Russia reports.

Compared with the first quarter of 2018, this was 2.1% less than one year previously in ruble terms and 7.8% less in terms of unit sales.

3,494 mortgages got issued in Sverdlovsk Region in March 2019 (total amount: RUB 7.093 billion). This was slightly higher than in the previous month, when 3,481 mortgage loans (total amount: RUB 6.873 billion) got issued by local banks.

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