Yekaterinburg Customs, Police Confiscate Uncleared Goods From Online Shop

22 April 2019 (09:15)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 22, 2019. Officers from Yekaterinburg Customs and Yekaterinburg division of Russia’s Internal Affairs Ministry detected a set of supposedly undeclared electronic appliances in a large international online shop for the second time in a fortnight, Ural Customs’ press service reports.

763 phones and vacuum cleaners of dubious origin already got confiscated as recently April 4. The shop kept on with the business as usual.

This time, 239 photography appliances got confiscated. It has been determined preliminarily that the camera flashes and lens-cleaning robots had actually been smuggled into the country. The packaging for the products has no information about the importer and no Russian translation whatsoever.

The customs asked the shop owner for the proof of customs clearance. An investigation will take place in the nearest future.

In case the shop owner fails to provide the necessary documentation in due time (one to two weeks), there’s a possibility of a criminal lawsuit on Production, Purchase, Storage, Transportation or Sale of Unmarked Goods and Products, Illegal Use of a Trademark, and Evasion of Customs Payments Collected from Organizations or Natural Person (Articles 171.1, 180, and 194 of the Russian Criminal Code, respectively).

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